The following are guidelines and recommendations for softball events under the state's phased approach to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Each city/county may have different health requirements so these guidelines and recommendations can be tailored to meet those requirements.

These guidelines are meant as precautionary measures to enable us to get back to the ballpark.

Teams are playing at their own risk.

If anyone feels they cannot or will not meet these guidelines, then do not participate in the event until such time
as you and your team are able to do so or until after the recommendations and requirements are removed.
If someone contacts the virus as a result of participation in any fashion, USA Softball of Montana, softball
organizations, USA Softball Umpires, or any facility owner are not to be held liable.

There is No Insurance for COVID-19.

Under Phase 1:
Practices in groups of 10 are required under the requirements of Phase 1.
Ensuring that people do not congregate anywhere without proper physical distancing (6'), including the parking
lot, around the restrooms facilities, the concession stand, during picnic lunches, or elsewhere on the grounds.
No Out of State Teams allowed.


Maintain social distancing:

1. Bleachers reserved for players so that not all players are confined to the dugout. Any players or adults
sitting in the dugouts or in the stands will be spaced at least six feet apart. Players bags are spread out
along the back of the dugout and backstops to encourage social distancing.

2. No team/group meetings or "high fives" before or after half innings.
3. Spectators restricted to area outside of dugout with six feet of separation marked on the fencing to
encourage proper distancing.

Member of the same household may sit together with less than six feet of separation.
4. Umpires call balls/strikes six feet behind the batter and home plate; catcher will stand at the backstop six
feet from umpire.

5. Pregame plate meeting restriction to managers and umpires. No players.

6. No post game handshake/fist bump line.

Actions to address equipment:

1. All shared equipment including bats, helmets, and catcher's rear will be sanitized prior to practice
And after each player users them with Clorox wipes or other bleach products of equal sanitizing ability.

2. Hand sanitizing stations will be provided in the dugouts. All Team are required to have in their dug outs
sanitized disinfectant wipes for their team, bats and equipment. This needs to be visible for the umpires
to see.

3. Softballs will be sanitized with disinfectant before game, every half inning and after the game.

Limiting group sizes:

1. Physical distancing guidelines of six feet apart of separation will be followed. In the event that appropriate
physical distancing cannot be maintained, group size (players and adults) will be limited to 10 participants.
2. Split practice into multiple groups if physical distancing of six feet apart cannot be maintained.

Under Phase 3:

No limit on group size, and all business can remain fully operational with awareness of physical distancing.